School Leader

I deem it an honour and privilege to be part of the school council and make this year a memorable one.

I take pride to represent the Sacred Heart family and contribute as a righteous leader. Serving this institution is a dream come true for me and I hope that it will be fulfilled as desired.

I extend my sincere thanks to respected sister principal for bestowing me with such a golden opportunity and of course the teachers and entrusting me with such a towering responsibility. This responsibility has given me an ocean of opportunities nurture my talents.

I also congratulate all the elected members of the school council and hope that teamwork would leave no stone unturned. My teachers and friends have not only supported and boosted but also made me believe in myself. Teacher’s guidance and motivation will always help us to keep up the discipline of the school.

I promise to abide by all school norms and regulations and work determinately for the school motto for truth and service. At last I want to say that the foundation stone for a balanced success are honestly, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty. So, let’s hope that all these factors breeze in throughout the year.

Harshita Luthra
(School Leader)