School Leader

Though every year has brought me closer to my school, but this year holds special place in my experience as a part of this school has been like an amazing journey full of excitement, joy and exuberance.I deem it a very great honour and privilege to be a part of the school council and make this year a very remarkable one.I will take part as a school leader to lead the school in a positive direction. For me,being a school leader is not the position or title but it is about action and example which can make a difference.I stand here as a school leader not just to lead you but to work in collaboration with each one of you to work with zeal,devotion and determination.

My message to my fellow friends would be that:”sometimes in the race of life, there would be moments when you will tremble and would hit hard on the ground. people will stamp and trip you over but at that moment you have to use your will power and mental strength to make them understand your hard work and determination.”

“Success is not always about is about consistency which leads to success and brings along the greatness”

(School Leader)