School Leader

If you cannot fly then you run, if you cannot run then you walk, if you cannot walk then you crawl but keep moving each step to achieve your goal.

It’s the feeling of immense pleasure to be selected as the school captain for the session2019-2020.Its indeed a great opportunity for me to be the part of the school cabinet and make this year a remarkable and memorable year. As a leader I will try my level best and will not leave any stone unturned. I will be committed to the school motto that is for “truth and service”.

As the post and ranks keeps on changing but the capability and leadership quality of the individual remains the same throughout the life .we all should be a good leader and idols for others .Remember that the only difference between a leader and reader is that leaders create history but readers read history, so we all need to be a good leaders so that our small moves can bring a big change in the society. I am sanguine that we all set up good examples for others.

At last I would like to say everyone that people will hate you, rate you, shake you and will even try to break you but how strong you stand is what makes you.

Jai Hind-

Aditya Kapoor
(School Leader)