School Vice Leader

With the blessings of almighty god.

I am glad to have this opportunity of serving this institution as a school vice captain for the academic year 2017-18.

I would like to thank Sr. Principal for showering this great joy upon me.

And I promise that in the working of our school council no duty will be left due.

Studying in this institution is a pride but serving this institution is a dream comes true.

With full determination and sportsmanship I promise to fulfill my duties and follow the school norms.

I and my team will contribute generously in the growth of Sacred Heart Convent Sr. Sec. School.

I take this moment to thank my teachers who always had faith on me and always guided me towards the path of truth and hard work.

For my friends I would like to say that "PEOPLE WILL FOLLOW YOU IF YOU ARE A GOOD GUIDE.

YOU WILL BE A GOOD GUIDE IF YOU DREAM WIDE “so always follow your dreams and dream wide in your precious life.

Shaurya Verma
(School Vice Leader)