Extramarks - Online Learning Platform

Extramarks is an online learning platform focused on the pre-school, K-12, higher studies and Test Prep segments through the skilful combination of pedagogy and technology to learn anywhere, anytime. We ensure concept learning through interactive video modules on the Learning App. These modules are prepared by an in-house team of highly qualified subject-matter experts, giving 360-degree coverage of every concept, building the chance for immersive online learning that ensures deeper comprehension and retention during exam preparation. With the online learning solutions, our mission is to empower students to learn in the best ways for them—at the comfort of their home and at their own pace. We aim to build interactivity alongside enhanced visuals and graphics to engage the learner towards study.

About Us
Our flagship product, the Learning App, caters to K-12 students, JEE, and NEET aspirants and has built its loyal learner base by offering complete curriculum mapped solutions for CBSE, ICSE and other major boards through the combination of pedagogy and technology. The Learning App also offers school-based solutions like the Assessment Center, Smart Class Solutions, and Live Class Platform to help students reach their full potential through inspired teaching and personalised learning with the curriculum. Lil One by Extramarks, built on the Tap-Learn-Play format, is a perfect amalgamation of technology and pedagogy to engage, educate and entertain children below five years.